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Bian stone, a superior choice!

Bian stone is thought to have been made by the impact of meteorites upon the Earth’s surface in China’s Western Shandong region during the Cretaceous period approximately 65-66 million years ago. The result of this impact combined the local stone with over 40 minerals which elevated its potential for healing and benefits for overall health.

Our Bian contouring massage stone helps with lymphatic drainage, blood flow, circulation, toning and sculpting the face, neck and body.

It’s made out of 100% natural stone, each one individually cut by hand.

As each one is hand-cut there will be variations in the thicknesses of each stone and some may have visible fine white line mineral deposits.

Dimensions: 105mm x 55mm x 45mm x 70mm

Please note: If dropped on a hard surface, the Bian stone may crack or break.

Each of our Bian contouring massage stones comes in a white cotton drawstring bag.