Named to acknowledge Wirlburu - part of the Yawuru calendar.

The Yawuru people are the native title holders of the town of Broome, including areas of land and sea in and around the location.

Wirlburu// Spring September

Warming season

Days and nights getting hotter

A musky floral fragrance of leaf green, zesty lemon, rose, frangipani, boronia, cyclamen and sticky honey.

This scent transports you to a field of beautiful wildflowers blanketing the shoreline of the Peninsula and outback landscape of Western Australia.

Top Notes: Leaf Green, Lemon

Middle Notes: Rose, Frangipani

Base Notes: Cyclamen, Boronia

40 hour burn.

Soy candle.

Each candle comes presented in a cylinder eco packaging that can be re-used as a pen holder, simple vase and other home uses.