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Can be used for all of its bulb, stem and leaves, to be eaten raw, steamed or roasted. Bulb has white flesh which discolours less than other varieties when cooked, while stem and leaves has a strong celery flavour. Will grow well into cold weather, with the cold helping to covert the starches into sugars.

When to Plant

Zone 1: October - December and March - May

Zone 2: September - December and April - June

Zone 3: March - October

Zone 4: May - July 


Add organic matter before planting to improve fertility and ability to hold water.

Soil pH Level 5.8-6.8


Full sun to part shade in a well-drained soil. Don’t plant near carrots.

How to Plant

Soak the seeds prior to planting to aid germination. The seeds should be propagated in seed trays prior to transplanting. Celeriac is slow to germinate so don’t grow despondent if you don’t see growth even after two weeks. Spacing 30-40cm Depth 0.5-1cm

Approximate no. of seeds 160-180

Note: We source all of our seeds locally and in small batches to ensure they remain at their maximum viability for germination