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Have you gotten the COVID-19 Vaccination and you're excited to share how you're doing your part in helping end the pandemic?

Wear this "Covid-19 Vaccinated" hard enamel pin with pride!

Featuring 2 pink (or blue) and red criss-crossed band-aids and heart shaped "breathing holes" and the phrase "COVID-19 Vaccinated" in yellow.

It has 2 backing pins with a metal butterfly clutch as the close.

The Third Life Crisis is a Healthcare worker at St Vincent's and a designer of sassy home decor and accessories. From purchasing a pin, Every $1  will be donated to the World Health Organisation and their partners to suppress transmission, reduce exposure, counter misinformation, protect the vulnerable, reduce mortality and morbidity and accelerate equitable access to new COVID-19 tools!

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This hard enamel pin is approximately 1.06" tall (2.8cm) and 1.5" (3.8cm) wide.