Pastel yellow nail polish - 14ml / 0.5 fl.oz

Daisy Chain is a nostalgic yellow bringing a burst of clarity and confidence whenever worn. It’s optimistic and hopeful, hinting at better things to come.


Fast-drying: No need to eat lunch with your elbow.

High shine: Apply base and top coat, admire the perfection.

Serious staying power: More chip resistant than a wellness blogger.

A cinch to apply: With our french-tip brush, you've got this.

Mix and match: Work it back with a rainbow of 50+ shades.

Substance 10-Free™: Free of the 10 hardest to pronounce (and scariest) chemicals.

Breathable and water permeable: Basically means healthier nails.

Organic ingredients: Kinder to the environment, and your nails.

Almost delicious: Not edible, but reading the label might make you hungry.

Certified everything: Vegan, cruelty free, carbon neutral & B Corp.

Made in Australia.