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It's official, plants are cool. They conjure up exotic places, bring nature indoors and make you feel better. Who wouldn't choose to share a space with them - but where do you start? The good news is there's a plant for every windowsill or shelf, for every shady yard or front door step. And whatever your style - from urban sleek to shabby chic to retro - there are plants that will fit into your life and make it brighter and more interesting. Get Plants picks up on this trend by putting plants front and centre of a new book for a wide general audience, especially those that don't see themselves as gardeners. It shows that with a little know-how you can find a plant that will flourish in the many different "ecological niches" available in and around your home from shady basement stairwell to south-facing windowsill.

Exciting contemporary photography shows how they pep up your living space and give a taste of the satisfaction you get in looking after them. This is an opportunity to showcase intriguing sundews and lithops, grow large majestic trees from seed to keep on your front step (for a while) and find out a bit of plant science along the way - why do orchid flowers last so long, why must you keep water topped up in the funnel of a bromeliad?

The book draws on the work of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew - its scientific work, plant hunting and fieldwork, plant collections and horticultural knowledge. Throughout the book author Katherine Price weaves in the expert advice of Kew's gardeners and scientists, distilling the essence of Kew's expertise into practical use. This no-nonsense, beautiful book is a practical guide guaranteed to inspire any reader.