A deeply elegant way to treat a loved one, Studio Milligram's soothing, sculptural Carafe and Cup Gift Set is an enduring treasure that will appreciate every time they take a sip of water.

Made of borosilicate glass and presented in a gift box with a festive illustration, the Carafe and Cup Gift Set makes for a striking present to find under the tree this year.

Pairing a 725ml carafe with a matching 250ml glass cup, the gorgeous form of each object is worthy of display in its own right.

More than just a decor piece, though, this set is just as beautiful in function as in form – perfect for enjoying a refreshing iced tea as you flip through a book on a balcony, or starting your day with a bracing cold-brew coffee.


Glass drinking carafe and cup 725mL carafe; 250mL cup

24cm H x 11cm diameter (carafe); 9.5cm H x 7.2cm diameter (cup)

Made of borosilicate glass

Designed in Melbourne, Australia.

Glass manufactured in China.