Keep your eyes on the prize with the supportive focus of MiGoals' Goal Digger Notebook B6.

Sporting a simple yet effective notebook/to-do list hybrid layout, the Goal Digger Notebook is an organisational companion to help you achieve everything you set your sights on.

On the left page is a familiar ruled notebook layout, giving you room to journal, plan, develop ideas and more.

On the right side, the page is laid out in a list format, with spaces to check off each task as you complete it.

Breaking down your goals to manageable actions is a great way to turn dreams into reality, so the Goal Digger Notebook is a great addition to your planning toolkit.


Notebook B6 Soft card cover 64 pages

Printed on 100gsm, fountain pen-friendly paper; goal-setting guide; to-do list spread; top three tasks section

Designed in Australia; made in China