A desktop flip book of consolations to help build resilience & defeat our nagging fears

We are often terrified of so many things: disgrace, illness, unemployment, our mortality, the suffering and death of loved ones. When these fears arise, we are often encouraged, out of kindness, to think of the best-case scenarios. This is a well-meaning move, but it also - unintentionally - leaves our fears to fester. They fill us with unnamed dread and sometimes loom far larger than they should. Therefore, the opposite move - as displayed here - involves looking our anxieties directly in the eye, refusing to be cowed by them and examining them exhaustively so as to drain them of their debilitating power. Doing this can bring us to an important realisation: we could cope, even if the worst did come to the worst.

What follows are some invitations to meditate on scary things; not in order to depress us, but to lend us a buoyant, optimistic sense of our resilience and adaptability.

Excerpts Include:

"...I would understand that life was not something that could ever be moulded into a flawless and error-free entity. It is always an imperfect, wonky, cobbled-together construction, riddled with marks and blemishes, which nevertheless possesses its own beauty. "

"...I would see that my failure would embolden others to share stories of their own sadness, confusion and humiliation. Together, we would face up to the suffering we so often endure alone. "

"...I would see that the struggle for fame, money and success was merely a doomed attempt to compensate for an unconditional love that was longed for but denied in childhood. Worldly craving would give way to melancholy and mourning."

Wiro bound | Freestanding | FSC Mix paper | 105mm x 166mm x 40mm