Bundle includes a 12-piece toolpack companion piece (MX.01) to the M.100 Multitool and the M.100 Multitool.

The toolpack is equipped with a comprehensive set of Phillips, Flat, Torx and Allen Key bits which can be fitted, stored, or swapped with any loaded inside the M.100 multitool - giving you the power of customising the tools you need to tackle repairs in any context.

A little larger than a matchbox, the Mx.01 delovers the versatility of a toolbox in the most compact form possible. Carry it in you pocket, throw it in your bag, or stash it in the glovebox.

The M.100 Multitool is built for you - for anytime and anyplace.

The internal storage chamber holds a pair of standard 1/4” hex bits (meaning you can accomodate and store any 1/4" hex bit in the chamber) , giving you the flexibility to tackle anything by changing your setup to suit your day. Need a specific driver? Swap out the standard Phillips and Flat with whatever you need. Whether you're skating, taking photos, or going for a fish (or anything else!), it has your back.

With a smooth , scratch free surface, the M.100 can be carried anywhere – with your phone, your sunglasses, or your keys.

The composite frame will take anything you through at it, and reinforced with a 420 grade stainless steel core, it’ll last a lifetime.

The M.100 meets TSA requirements for carry-on baggage, so you can set off on your next adventure in confidence that your tool has your back.

Using the same tough composite as the body, the M.100’s touch – safe package opener cuts through tape and plastic with ease.

Universal wrench – stacked in a convenience row and with enough tolerance for both metric and imperial bolts, the M.100’s spanner set is perfect for getting out of a pinch.

Uses of the M.100 Multitool include (but not limited to!):

- inch ruler

- metric ruler

- bottle opener

- package opener

- universal wrench

- hex bit storage cube

- heavy duty socket

- phillips head #1& flat #4

- high torque socket

This is the multitool made to be taken anywhere!