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A guide to creating a modern outdoor space that provides us with the materials we need to eat, be creative, learn and get the most out of our garden.

We no longer just want to garden, we want to engage with the land; the plants in it, the animals, insects and even the fungi. The Modern Gardener isn't just about creating a space that simply looks visually stunning, but about responding to the need to modernize; to live in a way that works in harmony with the world around us and engages with our outdoor space. The plants that we choose to grow should encourage wildlife, reduce our carbon footprint and be useful in all areas of our lives.

Filled with projects, as well as the whys and hows of growing and choosing plants, it includes a recipe section with activities that can be tried at home for all kinds of fun - from delicious concoctions to essential products - all made from plants. "Frances Tophill is not only a qualified horticulturist but is fast becoming the fresh new face of television gardening." - Daily Mail