Channel your inner green thumb with these ingenious Swedish pots that won’t let you over or under-water.

Each set consists of a terracotta planter inside a reservoir of hand-blown glass.

Just fill the reservoir with water to ensure plants will absorb only what they need through the terracotta pot walls.

The upper section of the pot is glazed to make handling easier. Safe for indoor and outdoor use, these self-watering pots are attractive additions to your patio, windowsill or table.

The medium is large enough to fit a potted azalea or fern.
Made from terracotta and hand-blown glass. 
Suitable for most houseplants but not recommended for succulents or orchids.


The idea for these Swedish problem-solving pots began 15 years ago when Lasse Svedenstedt met Nils Plöjel, who had worked most of his life with ceramics.

In Plöjel's garage full of prototypes, the pair developed the innovative function for the Self-Watering Pots.

This smart solution allows the plants themselves to regulate how much water they intake.

Item in packaging
Length: 20 cm
Width : 20 cm
Height : 20 cm
Weight : 2.65 kg