Susi and her family used to live in a big city full of cars, highways, and buildings.

Now they live on a small island in the Mediterranean, which is full of much more interesting things: butterflies, snakes, shining boats, and...Benjamin the donkey.

Benjamin and Susi are best friends.

She washes his face each morning, they play wonderful games all day, and they sleep next to each other every night. Until one day, Benjamin disappears...

Nostalgic but wonderfully modern too, this perennial European bestseller is finally available in English for the first time in more than 40 years.

Its captivating black-and-white photographs provide a unique way for children to engage with Susi's charming world and the world around them.

They will thrill to the adventures of a real little girl and her pet donkey, and children and adults alike will love returning to the story of Susi and Benjamin again and again.

A modernist picture-book classic from the late 1960s.

48 pages. b/w ills. 25 x 23 cm.