$100.00 $180.00

Ring No.50 is a wide, gently textured band.

Each ring is initially formed in wax and the handle of Rhiannon's jewellers tool is pressed gently into the curved surface to create a recess and then smoothed over.

When repeated this pattern mimics that of a cast concrete fence or a vintage tiled wall.

Each ring is made by hand and so no two are alike.

Available in sterling silver

All Rhiannon Smith jewellery pieces are crafted by hand in their Melbourne studio.


Significant care is taken to ensure every Rhiannon Smith piece is of the highest quality. As such it should be worn and treated with care to keep it looking its best. Rhiannon strongly recommends removing your jewellery when sleeping, swimming, exercising, gardening and doing household chores. Refrain from knocking or scraping jewellery against hard surfaces as this can scratch and chip metal and gemstones.


When not being worn, store your jewellery in an airtight bag (with the exception of pearls) or the jewellery packaging provided.



Silver jewellery is best when worn regularly and can begin to tarnish if left exposed to open air for longer periods. It can also tarnish when exposed to certain liquids and fumes including chlorine, sulphur, salt water, perfumes, body lotions and even the natural PH of someone’s skin. There are many high quality silver jewellery cleaners available on the market, however you can also clean your silver using natural products found at home. Rhiannon suggests using a mixture of warm soapy water and a soft bristled brush. A gentle rub with a jewellery polishing cloth will also clean your piece easily.