Let the lunch-box fun begin.

Bento Boxes are the beginning of creative food combos. With five compartments to fill, your favourite snacks and meals will be fighting for a spot in this stunning stainless-steel design. Each section is a different size, so you can pack a few peanuts in a small spot, then load up last-night’s pasta leftovers in the big space.

Sealed compartments means no more soggy sandwiches.

This Bento Box beats a lot of others on the market, because of it’s super-practical silicone seal. It’s removable from the lid of your box, but when in place, it will keep each section from spilling its liquids. How many times has your lunch been spoiled by some sticky fruit juice or yogurt spilling over it? Don’t let it happen again! Bag one of our Bento Boxes and you’ll be enjoying fresh food, mess-free!

Built to be your long-term lunch buddy.

Unlike those plastic lunch-boxes that are likely to crack as they jiggle about in your backpack, this portable food container will last! Made of strong stainless-steel, and built to withstand daily use and regular runs through the dishwasher, you can count on this Bento Box to keep your food fresh and sealed for countless days to come. Take it to work, school, travels, picnics… wherever food is needed, your Activated Eco Bento Box will follow!

5 Compartments

Removable silicone seal

304 Food-grade stainless-steel

Easy to open/close

Dishwasher safe

255mm x 188mm x 50mm

Note : Not microwave safe. Do not use in microwave.