As the name suggested, this cherry variety produces yellow, pear shaped fruit that are sweet and juicy. Originating in Europe in the 18th century, this is a heavy yielding, heirloom staple for the home gardener. When to Plant Zone 1: October–December Zone 2: August–December Zone 3: August–January Zone 4: April–July For zone map CLICK HERE Soil Tomatoes are very nitrogen- hungry, so prepare the soil by integrating nitrogen-rich pea or broad bean plants into your soil as a green manure. Alternatively, mix compost and chook manure through your patch a fortnight prior to planting. Soil pH Level 5.5–7.5 Position Choose a sunny, well-drained spot in your patch, preferably a place you haven’t grown tomatoes in the previous season. How to Plant Propagate in seed trays. Tomatoes are suitable larger pots, but prefer an in-ground veggie patch. It’s recommended to pinch out the first side shoots to encourage plant growth. Spacing 40–60 cm Depth 0.5cm - 1cm Companion Plants Basil, Marigold No.of seeds: 50