900 Piece Adult Puzzle & 100 Piece Kid Puzzle that fit together.

The 30cm diametre kids' puzzle slots perfectly into the adult puzzle section.

A beautiful keepsake for puzzling together.

About the Artist

Nikki Fisher an illustrator living in Jindabyne, Australia. Nikki grew up near by on the other side of the snowy mountains. She studied multi-disciplinary design at the Enmore Design Centre in Sydney and graduated as a graphic designer. However Nikki's lifelong love of drawing prevailed and she now works exclusively as an illustrator and have worked with major clients from all over the world including Virgin, The Lonley Planet & Redbull.

Additional Info

70 x 50cm (finished size of puzzle)

Diameter of kid's section - 30cm.

For Ages 6 +

Artist Designed

Brain Training

Australian Owned