MiGoals - Weekly Fitness Desk Pad - A4

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Stick to your workout schedule and help hit your PB with the Weekly Fitness Desk Pad from MiGoals.

Planning your workout week is a powerful way to keep yourself on track to achieve your exercise goals. 

With the organisational magic of the Weekly Fitness Desk Pad, you can lay out your workout plans just like meal prep get it all sorted out at once so you don't have to worry about it later.

Set your weekly goals, plan each day's workout, review your performance at the end and get started on the following week.

You'll be amazed by the way a little planning has a big payoff!


Daily to do list

Daily water intake

Weekly habits

Weekly weigh in

Weekly goal

Weekly Focus

Room to take notes each day

A4 210mm x 297mm

size 100gsm

50 pages

Backboard cover

FSC certified paper