100 Questions: Family Edition

A set of 100 question cards designed for families who enjoy lively discussions and meaningful conversations.

It isn’t always easy for families to relate, but good conversation can play a part in building a strong connection between generations.

Inside this box you will find 100 carefully composed questions designed to get you into imaginative, thought-provoking conversations between children and adults. Use them as a tool for learning more about one another, building confidence and communication skills – and to liven up time spent together as a family.

Split into categories, these cards cover topics including:




School & Education


Friendship & Hobbies

Technology, the World & Space

Example Questions:

How strict will you be as a parent?

Say one thing that’s really annoying about your parents?

If you had to join someone else’s family, which family would you choose?

Why might it be good to be an only child?

The best way to get me to do something I don’t want to do is…

If humans were able to, would you want to live on Mars?

100 question cards with box |150 x 115 x 50mm