A thoughtful, loving collection of very short rhyming stories to help children unwind after a day of heightened emotions.

Bedtime Stories for Hard Days will help soothe and repair as children unwind and prepare to start tomorrow afresh. With characteristic warmth, friendliness and compassion, each story invites children to reflect on the day they've experienced before letting it go and relaxing into rest. Stories include:

When you've had a really tough day

When you're afraid of being your unique self

When you're feeling sad

When you have too much energy to sleep

When you feel like your best is just not enough

When we've been arguing

When you're missing a loved one.

…and so much more!

Each story is complete with a sweet corresponding illustration of animals comforting their babies during similar situations, mirroring a sense of protection and support to your child during this tricky moment, showing that they are never alone in their feelings.

This book will encourage a gentle parenting approach and allow you to take time to unwind with your child and delicately guide them on how to respond to their emotions in a sensitive yet productive way.