Metro is the go-to umbrella for days where you’re not sure what's on the horizon. It conveniently fits in your handbag, tote, or backpack so you’re always prepared, whatever the weather.

An auto-open button pops open the canopy for instant coverage at your fingertips. Built with unique 360° spinning technology, the Metro’s canopy is designed to elegantly handle knocks when navigating narrow spaces.

Please note, due to the nature of the UV fabric on our Metro UV models, creasing does occur.


Collapsible and compact, for handbag or briefcase and comes with a matching cover sleeve.



Sized perfectly for one


Open Diameter

100 cm

Closed Length

37.5 cm


385 g


The canopy is simply attached to the frame with Velcro tabs, allowing it to slip off with ease once detached from the six BLUNT tips. This makes for easy removal when remedying wear and tear.

The frame is the most complex part of the umbrella, with multiple components. Think of building blocks seamlessly fitting together in harmony, clicking into place to create a sturdy, reliable structure.

The shaft is the central point of connection within the umbrella framework, acting as an anchor to bring all of the modular components together.

Like a bayonet fitting on a lightbulb, the handle can be removed and attached by pushing down and gently turning while keeping the umbrella shaft still.

Radial Tensioning System

A system of individually engineered hardware components – frame, tip and canopy – working in harmony to create a high-performing, aerodynamic structure.