From the author of 15 Minute Vegan, Five Ingredient Vegan showcases simple yet exciting recipes that five ingredients or fewer.

It's perfect for both vegans and non-vegans looking for effortless ways to introduce plant-based meals into their everyday cooking.

Katy Beskow is the expert on making easy meals for home cooks, with minimal fuss, even if you're not confident in the kitchen or with vegan cooking.

Everything can be bought in the supermarket and requires very little equipment. Katy offers a list of store cupboard essentials alongside tips on how to fill food with flavour and texture, all with up to five ingredients.

With 100 recipes covering Soups (Miso, Mum's lentil soup, Beetroot and vodka, Spicy coconut and noodle, Spinach and pea), Cold Plates (Pecan slaw, Baba ghanoush, Balsamic strawberry salad, Pomegranate tabbouleh), Lunches (Jackfruit no-crab cakes, Greek tomato fritters, Coronation chickpeas, Red bean wraps, Spinach pancakes), Suppers (Caribbean sweet potato curry, Coconut dhal, Pumpkin and sage baked pasta, Indian naan fajitas, Harissa squash galette), and Desserts (Pineapple granita, Chocolate hazelnut swirls, Coconut panna cotta, Mocha shots, Hot lemon pudding), you too can get maximum taste and satisfaction from minimal ingredients.