Create a home that feels as good as it looks.

From an interior designer and modern feng shui expert, High Vibe Home teaches readers how to design harmonious spaces that invite free-flowing, positive energy into their homes and lives.

By decluttering and cleaning, arranging furniture, decorating with crystals or houseplants, incorporating new colours, textures, and more, anyone, on any budget, can design a healthy, happy home with high vibes.

The book outlines key design principles and energy rules that contribute to a nourishing home, and then, room-by-room, offers achievable ways to put those practices into place.

In a luxe and gifty package, this text-driven handbook is woven through with atmospheric photography, evocative shots of styled decor elements, and helpful diagrams.

High Vibe Home is a must-have for design aficionados, wellness enthusiasts, and anyone interested in crystals, feng shui, or energy work.