"A hymn to the joys of fried chicken, with irresistible recipes and invaluable cooking tips. If you don’t already love eating fried chicken as much as Susan Jung does, you will after cooking from this book." – Fuchsia Dunlop

"This book is filled with delicious, fragrant recipes from East and Southeast Asia written by Susan Jung, one of the best veteran food writers I know." – Ken Hom, CBE

"Susan Jung knows her stuff. And I’m so pleased that her stuff is fried chicken. Clear, concise recipes, compelling flavours, compulsory cooking. I so want to cook from this book!" – Jill Dupleix

Everybody loves fried chicken.

Whether it’s Korean Fire Chicken, Vietnamese Butter Wings, or Japanese Karaage, nothing surpasses the unique twists and flavours that cooks in East and Southeast Asia have brought to fried chicken.

Kung Pao and Beyond showcases 60 crisp, crunchy and spicy recipes that take this humble fast food to a whole new level.

Susan Jung offers up mouth-watering recipes to satisfy everyone, so that you can enjoy fried chicken at home whenever the craving strikes.