Looking for the ultimate guide to sandwiches? Look no further! From buns, wraps and kebabs to hotdogs, burgers and bao, Max’s World of Sandwiches celebrates sandwiches in all their forms.

Max’s World of Sandwiches is broken into two sections: sandwiches and components. The sandwich recipes marry the elements in the components section, putting every tip and trick available into world-class sandwiches. The components section will include the key tenets of any sandwich – think bread, sauces, fillings, condiments and adornments of all kinds. Sandwich recipes range from incredibly easy, such as A Prawn Cocktail Sandwich and A Hot Cross Bun Sandwich with Salted Caramel Ice Cream, to more time-consuming, such as A Porchetta Sandwich and A Tuna Katsu Sando.

Max’s World of Sandwiches enables home cooks to learn all the tips and tricks of sandwiches, and ultimately to create the sandwiches of their dreams.