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" One-in-a million- creativity, Ixta's food is simply outstanding!" - Yotam ottolenghi

"This is such a beautiful and joyful book" - Nigella Lawson

Mezcla: Mix, blend, or fusion.

Bestselling author, Ixta Belfrage, shares her favourite mezcla of flavours with recipes that showcase her signature inventive ingredient combinations and playful techniques.

With inspiration from around the world and a special emphasis on her Italian, Mexican, and Brazilian upbringing, Mezcla has something to suit every mood and craving.

There are impactful, fuss-free dishes for every day, recipes to take your time over, and a chapter of mouth- watering desserts.

This is irresistible food that you'll keep coming back to.

"Within the context of this book, (mezcla) is about mixing flavours and ingredients, but it goes beyond that. It's about how my mixed heritage and upbringing has shaped the person that I am and, ultimately, the way that i cook.

There's inspiration from around the world in these pages, but this book is largely an ode to three inccredible countries that taught me to love food: Italy, where I lived as a child; Brazil, where my mother is from; and Mexico, where my paternal grandfather lived. Three countries that I grew uo travelling to, eating in, obsessing over - three coutries whose cuisines and ingredients have come to overlap in my subconsious over time, leading me to create food that has been descrivbed as 'quintessentialy Ixta'" - Ixta Belfrage