*Please note this is a vessel only - refills are sold separately<P> Discover solid perfume with a purpose; Designed for refill, not landfill. Odesse is rejecting what's easy - plastic, fillers & alcohol - to create conscious products that change the face of the industry because our beauty shouldn't cost the planet.


Custom-made Zinc alloy (metal) refillable vessel. *Please note this is a vessel only - refills are sold separately

I've never done this before.

What's Solide Parfum?

Be careful, you might just fall in love. Solide parfum is wax-based perfume best applied with your fingertips there, there and there. Odesse is small enough to fit anywhere, and her fragrances are intoxicating enough to make you blush. In other words, she’s here to steal you from traditional spray perfume.

What does Odesse have that traditional spray perfumes don't?

Other than everything? Okay, here are three of her most popular traits.

Odesse is perfume, reimagined. The solid formula is applied with fingertips to the pulse points of the body. She’s wax-based — not water-based — and she isn’t filled with cheap alcohol. She doesn’t need to drink to have fun. She’s 80% smaller than traditional perfume. Her favourite ways to travel? By pocket, handbag and private plane.

Is Odesse made from sugar and spice all things nice?

In a way, yes. But she gets her sugar and spice from botanicals, like Bees Wax, Castor Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Parfum Oil and Phenyl Trimethicone. We don’t spike her with anything else.

Odesse would never test on animals, would she?

No. And she doesn’t associate with anyone that does, either.

What are head, heart and base notes?

Perfume is a lot like dating. The head notes are what you experience when you first apply the scent. But don’t get too attached, because the heart notes are on their way. These are the ones that will reveal themselves after a short while, sometimes surprisingly. Then there’s the base notes: the final stage. These scents linger on the skin, until the perfume disappears completely and stops returning your calls.

What is Odesse's favourite swear word?

Wouldn’t you like to know.

I can be greedy. How much do I apply?

A little bit of Odesse goes a long way, so swipe responsibly. One swipe applied to the neck and wrists is enough to wrap you in heady notes of floral, earth, wood and spice. Two swipes is enough to get you into trouble.

How do I take care of her?

Odesse wants to clarify: she doesn’t need anyone to take care of her. But if you really want to, just keep her out of direct sunlight. Other than that, she’s pretty low maintenance. Store her in your pocket, handbag, bathroom cabinet, suitcase… She won’t smash or leak, unlike that traditional spray perfume.

How long does she last?

It depends how hot she is. As long as you keep her out of direct sunlight, Odesse perfumes will last for 12 months.