Make tummy time extra fun for little ones with this fold-out concertina book with a mirror!

Say hello to the animals with a busy safari scene on one side and friendly animal faces and a mirror for babies to see themselves on the other.This dazzling board book is designed with tummy time in mind - a gentle exercise where a baby lies on their front to help strengthen their muscles and improve their head control. The fold-out format allows the book to be spread out in-front of a baby, while the bold colours stimulate their developing eyesight.

With bright, jaunty artwork from Louise Lockhart - the widely-known illustrator behind The Printed Peanut online shop - this delightful new series will captivate even the wriggliest of babies. Also available: Farm.

Author bio:

Louise Lockhart is from Yorkshire and has her studio in a renovated cotton mill where she also lives with her young family. Since she was a child she has made picture books (usually about cats). She takes inspiration from everyday things around her that others may overlook. She loves to spend her time working on children's books alongside creating fun and bright designs for clients such as M&S and Mini Boden. She creates her work by cutting out shapes from paper and scans them into the computer to add colour and texture. She loves the colours of mid-century textiles and the tenderness and humour you find in folk art. She started her shop The Printed Peanut in 2012 and is known for her line of delightfully bright illustrated products.