Super easy to clean, the large Lunch box is perfect for babies, toddlers and grown ups too! It has 3 compartments to separate food and is great when having lunch on the run or making sure you have enough snacks for your child or you! Comes with a leak-resistant silicone cover which is embossed with the Snuggle Hunny logo. Note: to prevent spillage and mess don't store liquids in the boxes.

This silicone range is made with premium LFGB silicone. LFGB silicone is a premium grade silicone. LFGB testing regulations are the toughest of all international standards where the silicone material must pass more intensive testing compared to FDA (USA) silicone testing. Basically it's really good silicone and safe for bub.

Features Include:

3 Compartments

21.8 x 14.3 x 6.4cm

Leak-resistant cover

Easy to clean

Dishwasher safe

Made from LFGB Silicone