You know the platypus but have you met the spotted wobbegong?

There are thirteen native Australian aquatic animals to play with in Megan McKean's new Novelty Splish, Splash, Snap!

Other animals include the bluebottle, biscuit sea star, box jellyfish, blue-ringed octopus, Eastern snake-necked turtle, Australian sea lion, saltwater crocodile, weedy seadragon, yabby, Australian clownfish and the green turtle.

With four different groups of animals, Snap! by Megan McKean brings together a native lineup of animals big and small.

Big cards for little hands make this series extra fun! Up for a challenge?

Each Novelty in the series can be joined together to form a larger playing deck.

How to play: shuffle the cards and divide them equally between the players. Each player should keep their cards face down.

Taking it in turns, each player flips over their top card, placing it into a pile in the middle.

When the top two cards on the pile match, the first player to say SPLISH, SPLASH, SNAP! wins all the cards in the pile.

Good luck! It's a real tongue twister.

The winner is the first player to collect all the cards.