“The Milkwood Permaculture Living Handbook is a guide to improving your home, health and happiness – and the planet – one simple step at a time.

Packed with meaningful action for the everyday, it’s full of practical skills and projects – regenerative living for busy people who want to make a positive impact in a world out of balance.”

So sayeth our new book’s cover. Because it’s important to go-in-softly, in book land, if you want to bring as many people as possible along with you… from learning to pickle, all the way to organising collectively, in order to change everything.

Because this book IS about how to pickle and plant things. It’s true. But/and also…

This book is about rethinking how your individual actions can help create community resilience and radical change, within your ordinary daily habits.

As you can imagine, heathy ecosystems have been found to be far more resilient to climate change. And also… healthy nervous systems have been found to be far more resilient to climate change. Huh. Makes sense, right?

And so – we each need to find ongoing, burned-into-our-daily-life ways that we can nurture both our ecosystem, and our nervous system… while we organise and act for climate justice.