145 simple and delicious vegan recipes from celebrated Icelandic cook and culinary celebrity/entrepreneur Solla Eiriksdottir - perfect for home cooks starting out on their vegan journey or for those looking for new inspiration

For Solla Eiriksdottir, the key to successful vegan cooking is simple: easy-to-make recipes that are tasty and delicious. In this book she shows how to make great vegan food at home for all kinds of occasions, whether a quick work-day lunch or special dinners with friends.

The book is organised into three sections : Basics (vegan staples such as nut milks and tofu); Everyday (breakfast through to dinner); and Celebrations (meal strategies for larger events). The 75 basic recipes provide the foundation for the 70 everday dishes that will take you from breakfast through to dinner.

Recipes include hearty Vegetable Tagine, nourishing Sweet Potato and Smokey Lentils, and super light Spicy Strawberry Pavlovas which will surprise and delight in equal measure.