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Designed for yogis and pilates lovers, these mats can be rolled at-home or rolled up and taken to your favourite studio.

Sling your mat over your shoulder easily with its 100% cotton strap.

The microsuede lining is buttery soft to the touch, yet it becomes grippier with moisture. It is brilliantly non-slip for more rigorous styles like ashtanga, hot yoga or vinyasa flow. Each mat is made with eco-friendly water-based inks, biodegradable natural rubber and microsuede.

The cork mat is made from natural cork with a rubber and resin base, is an understated piece to support your flow. It is naturally non-slip and becomes grippier with sweat, making it perfect for more rigorous styles of yoga like ashtanga, hot yoga or vinyasa flow. Cork as a material is durable, naturally waterproof and antimicrobial, resulting in a sustainable, grippy, bacteria-free yoga mat.

183 x 61 cm

3.5mm thickness

Comes with a natural cotton carry strap

Made with biodegradable natural rubber and eco friendly inks

Packaged in fully recyclable cardboard with a biodegradable cornstarch sleeve

Durable, anti-slip microsuede surface for comfort and performance

PVC free


It's recommended to regular wipe down your mat using warm water and a clean, wet cloth.

The yoga mat’s microsuede fabric can readily absorb moisture (which helps its user maintain a strong grip and stay grounded during a flow) so it’s important that the cloth is really well wrung out - that way the mat shouldn’t hold too much moisture and will dry faster.

Be sure not to submerge the whole mat in water.

For a deeper clean or to remove any stubborn marks, use a mild, natural detergent that’s oil free.

Wipe it firmly or use a gentle brush on stubborn stains (like a soft toothbrush) until clean, then wipe off the detergent with warm water before drying. Don’t scrub too vigorously as this can damage the fabric.

Once you’ve washed down your microfiber mat, lay it flat or hang it out to air dry away from the direct sunlight for extended periods of time as this may fade the mat’s colours.