Refresh your Ashley & Co Home Perfume with these Topups.

Use this Topup to extend the life of your Tui & Kahili Home Perfume, 'cause who could stand to let that gorgeous borosilicate vessel go to waste?


Home Perfume refill 250ml capacity

Fragrance contains ethoxydiglycol, parfum, alcohol

Vessel made of hand-blown borosilicate glass

Includes replacement reeds

Designed and made in New Zealand

Like the sweet nectars that entice the tūī (a boisterous bird native to New Zealand), the Tui & Kahlili scent sports inviting notes of wild ginger (which gives its name, kahili, to this fragrance) and delicate lily for a complex and alluring scent, finished with more floral notes of mimosa, and arboreal hints of sandalwood.

Powdery and soothing, Bubbles & Polkadots features a mix of garden rose teamed with a musk to evoke childhood bathtimes. The comforting scent also features relaxing details of chamomile and amber, with a bright hint of bergamot to help you resist curling up and napping on the spot.

Blossom & Gilt's floral fragrance has all the allure and complexity of fresh flowers, with longevity to spare. Costa Rican tuberose and wild jasmine lead the scent, with bright elements from kaffir lime and bergamot tempered by the soft textures of ylang ylang and white tobacco to create a fragrance that's full of life and inviting detail.