Pasta Love is a love letter to pasta and the people who make it.

According to Jaclyn Crupi – a proud Italian-Australian pasta maker and devotee – pasta is love, pasta is life. Pasta can be a quick and simple meal or a culinary masterpiece, but in essence it is about generosity, comfort and the beauty to be found in simplicity and quality ingredients.

In this book, Jaclyn shares recipes for pasta doughs as well as shapes and seasonal sauces. She explores where pasta comes from and who makes it, profiles nonne and chefs alike, and shows that anyone can and should give pasta-making a go.

Pasta Love is a celebration of the food staple we all know and love in all its forms, and of the Italian migrants who brought it to Australia.

'Pasta Love is the vero affare (real deal) and essential reading for all pasta fans.' - Ben Shewry

'Jaclyn understands the power of pasta, and of stories. Here she celebrates both, with tenderness and technique in equal measure.' - Alice Zaslavsky

Here is a recent article about Jaclyns new book. Copy and paste to have a read! Here is a little section for you to read.

"Making a life in an unknown country on the other side of the world is the other key thread that weaves through the book, an experience all the women interviewed shared, having emigrated from Italy in the 1940s, 50s and 60s.In many ways, Pasta Love is a homage to these strong, resilient women. I wanted to write a book that only I could write. There are so many great pasta books out there. I own them all, by so many chefs and food writers. I wanted to make my own contribution,” Crupi says.