The Waa range is made from upcycled vegetable tanned cows leather. Liam sources this leather from other manufacturers who have discarded these pieces as off-cuts and reworks and repurpose it into the Waa range

Made to order in Melbourne, Australia

Product Details

Belt width is 32mm

Available in black, brandy or whisky leather and either gold or matt silver brass buckles It’s important to note that your belt size is not the same as your pant size

We recommend that you go up around two sizes from your regular pants waist measurement. For the most accurate size either measure a previously worn belt, measuring from just inside the buckle to the hole most commonly used; or measure a piece of string (or use a measuring tape) threaded through the belt loops of a pair of pants commonly worn

The WAA belts have 5 holes to allow for them to be worn at different heights, tucking in shirts or when wearing more layers